AVS Paypal VCC

$ 70.00 $ 55.00


U.S. Address Verification System (AVS) Paypal VCC : $50.00 
Use : Withdraw Limit Lifted and Confirm Credit Card , Confirm address and Location
VCC can’t work for Limited Acc

U.S. Paypal AVS VCC’s – Fully Working – Account creation & Disbursements

VCC will work for creating your U.S. Paypal Account
VCC will work for receiving disbursements from your U.S. Paypal Accounts
VCC will not expire until 2023 or 2024

These VCC have been tested by numerous members of this forum
There have been no issues with account creation nor receiving multiple disbursements

VCC will only work for U.S. Accounts
VCC should work until expired


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