Cheap Limited 180 days Paypal withdrawal Service


Are you worried about limited PayPal with stuck balance on it? We have solution for you.

To be eligible for limited paypal withdrawal service, your Paypal account must be:
1. Limited more than 180 days ago
2. Has a positive balance more than 15 usd.
3. You have received e-mail from paypal stating that money are available for withdrawal.(let me know if you haven’t receive it) 

But Please note That This offer Only For Credit card withdraw Method/eligible paypal account not bank withdraw

payment method: I will pay you via PM/okpay/Western union/ Moneygram

There 5% exchange fees will be apply for okpay,wmz wu,mg,PM

I ill withdraw from only limit account that is 180 days old.

Note: This offer is for limited period.

 Our Old offer:

Works with almost all paypal accounts in the world.

Usually you will receive your money in 4-10 business days after your acccount has been cashed out.
Fees are :

I can pay you back via Paypal, esewa, PM and Virtual visa card.(let me know ahead if you need other form of payment)
please note:
1. I’m not paying first.
2. I’m not withdrawing hacked accounts.


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